In line with the setup standards and procedures laid down by Jos Electricity Distribution Plc (Jed) to all vendors of MAP, the following standards as outlined below must be fulfilled;

  1. Availability and presence of MAP Vendor(s) offices and Customer Care Service within JED franchise states or region.
  2. Regulations requires all MAPs to comply with a minimum local content threshold of 30%, as measured by the quantity of endues customer meters installed
  3. All MAP Vendors must have MAP permit and registration NERC
  4. All MAP Vendors must have meter test requirements such as:
    1. NERC Certificate for manufacturing of Electrical Energy Metering Systems/Importation of knocked Down Parts
    2. Application od ‘’NO OBJECTION” Letter from NERC
    3. STS Certificate of Compliance
    4. NEMSA Type Test (Electricity Energy Meter Test Certificate)
    5. NEMSA Statutory Meter Test and Calibration Requirements
    6. DLMS Certification
    7. CAC certification
  5. Availability of branded installation forms, staff ID Cards, logistics, installation tools and safety gears.
  6. All meters must meet the minimum standard and requirements as specified by JED and evidence that the meters can communicate to JEDC HES.
  7. Development and integration of MAP Management system with JED’s system
  8. Provide a secured payment system or gateway for customer’s transactions
  9. All monthly reports must be submitted on or before 2nd of the preceding month
  10. All Vendors must have a minimum of 2,000 stock of meters
  11. All meter manifest and serial numbers must be submitted on newly acquired stock and meter test will be performed to meet the minimum set up standard and requirements
  12. 10% of Meter stock should be supplied as accessories to cover for maintenance
  13. JED shall be part of meter sealing during coupling and installation
  14. Evidence of installer’s payroll and their guarantor’s letter(s).
  15. List of installers and evidence of NEMSA Certification of Installer’s team lead.

For Commercial Division