JEDC PLC holds Customer Consultative Forum in Gombe

Speaking during Customer’s Consultative Forum held in Gombe on Thursday, Managing Director, Abdu Mohammed, explained that it takes the organisation millions of naira to maintain destroyed equipment, stressing that businesses would be in jeopardy.

……pleads against vandalising, creates Doma Regional Office, promises to improve services

Jos Electricity Distribution Company PLC has appealed to residents of Gombe State against vandalising of its installations across the 11 Local Government Areas.

Mohammed, who was represented by Saad Abubakar, Gombe Regional Manager called on customers to see company’s installation as pivotal part of their communities, adding that JEDC has established Doma region in order to serve customers closely.

He said, “Customers should desist vandalising our installations, they should stop from tampering with our meters or from engaging in activities that has to do with energy theft. We have decentralised operation in other to serve our customers better Doma Region has been established to bring services closer to the people.

“It is the expectation of JEDC that meters would be made available and customers who are owing us are to pay a fraction of their debt then they will be metered free. The meter is free but we want you to reduce your debt because when meters are given to you those debts will be incorporated into it. It shows some degree of commitment.”

Speaking on the importance of the Forum’s meeting Mohammed added, ” This Forum is mandated to be organised regularly to have good understanding between our costumers and our organisation. It’s part of the right of the customer to know about our activities in fact, is imperative to organise this to make customers understand what we are doing. We hope to serve you better as a business outfit.”

Also speaking, Chief Security Officer JEDC, Musa Abdullahi, who presented on ‘Negative implications of vandalism on networks and the need for partnership between the company and existing customers’, harped that security is everyone’s business.

According to him, the franchise has over 8,000 transformers, cutting across Gombe, Bauchi, Jos and Benue States, noting that securing them alone without needed collaboration has become herculean task.

Abdullahi said, “That is the reason for partnering with neighbourhood watch, local vigilantes, youth groups, and community leaders. They are our installation and they are serving them (communities), every day we experience vandalism on about four transformers per day in trying to install or fix back the transformers we spend per transformer an average of N1m per day. If you are using N1m daily to repair what will be left as profit this is across the franchise states of Bauchi, Gombe, Jos, and Benue. We record four transformers vandalised across four states. If you multiply N4m by 30 you know what I mean it runs in millions of naira. This reduces economic activities, in the affected communities.”

He noted that Transformer oil is one of the most priced oils in the world, stressing that the copper wire is used by vandals for jewelry.

“They (Vandals) use it to make bullets. For transformer oil they mix it with AGO to reduce the consumption of oil from articulated trucks they use it to make jelly. It serves as cheap raw materials,” Abdullahi added.

He warned residents about fighting with officials of the company describing as a criminal offence.

“Not to mention when you obstruct staff from performing their duty, if you have grievances report, we know that the economy is harsh, we are also customers so don’t transfer your aggression to staff. Whoever comes to you for payment should be treated with courtesy and you can stagger it and pay within the collection circle before a month. If you have fraudulent activities by any of our staff maybe they collected money to fix the transformer report because it’s wrong. We don’t encourage that, just write formally to the MD through the regional manager,” he added.

On his part, Thomas Johnson, Customer from Gombe International Hotel described the Forum’s meeting as heartwarming.

He said, “This is an interesting Forum, I was enlightened on how their operation on the distribution of electricity.”

Johnson called for continued meeting saying, “I was here last two years in this same meeting. It could be quarterly, to bring motivation to customers.”

On the need to improve supply, Johnson said “I wish to call on JEDC to increase their hours of distribution to commercial areas. Most of the areas they supply power is very minimal, it will be good if they can increase it, We will be willing to pay especially we the commercial business owners.”

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The Management of the Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JEDC), has cautioned its customers against making payments for installation of prepaid meters. It said customers within its network coverage in Bauchi, Gombe, Benue and Plateau should not make any form of payment for the installation as it was free of charge. Mr Nasir Faskari, the Meter Asset Provider (MAP) desk officer, JEDC franchise area, stated this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Jos. Faskari urged customers to report any of its personnel who asked for fees for installation of the prepaid meter. He further said the process of acquiring a meter with the company, entailed the opening of an account to register the client’s details. “The procedure for acquiring meters doesn’t exceed 24 hours and it’s also free of charge.” According to him, the client is meant to have the form filled and stamped by a licensed electrical contractor who wired the house to certify that the wiring of the house or structure is up to standard. He pointed out that after the acquisition of the account with the company, the client is to subscribe to the Meter Asset Provider (MAP), a programme initiated by the Federal Government for customers who want to acquire meters. The officer said that a customer obtaining a single-phased meter would pay N 88,000 only, while a customer acquiring a three-phased meter was expected to pay N154,000 only. According to him, the company in a bid to be more proactive, ensures that the customer gets the prepaid meter within three days after making payment as they are readily available. He explained that the government had mandated the company to pay the customers for the meter, however, the company doesn’t give the clients the cash. “We give the cash to customers in the form of free energy tokens once every month, the customer vends until the N88,000 or N 154,000 is exhausted.” Faskari stated that in the eventuality the meters and vending monitors purchased under the MAP scheme got spoilt from no fault of the customer, and fell within the warranty period, the customer would have the meter or monitor replaced immediately at no cost. The officer disclosed that the meters had a warranty of 10 to 12 years. The MAP scheme commenced in April 2023 in Plateau.


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To enhance efficiency in its operations, the Board of Directors of Jos Electricity Distribution Plc has promised to make more investments in the company's network. Also, a new partner - GRM has been brought on board to help in the reduction of the company's ATC & C losses. This disclosure was made during the unveiling of the new business partner - GRM to the Management and staff of the company at the corporate headquarters in Jos last Thursday, (21/02/2024). The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Alhaji Ibrahim Sani Bello who made the disclosure said that the investment has become necessary to move the company forward. According to him, without the necessary investments in the network, the achievability of the ATC and C reduction would be a mirage. He explained that the company currently loses not less than five billion naira every month stressing that the Board of Directors has directed that the ugly trend be halted and reversed immediately. He disclosed further that, "NERC has brought out a new order and the implication of this is that even the salary that you are enjoying today may become a mirage if you do not work assiduously to reverse the ugly trend". To stem the tide, the Board chairman called for concerted efforts and strategy that could galvanise the company to success. "Please, endeavour to redouble your efforts towards the realization of the N5Bn. You have the capabilities. You have the capacities. The Board is willing to support you and therefore, you should take advantage of the Board gesture to do the needful ", he said. He disclosed that "Sooner or later, all the Regions would be made a quasi-company of its own as they will be operating as a company within a company". Earlier, in his remarks, the Chief Operating Officer, Alhaji Mamanlafia Umar who stood in for the Managing Director, Engr Abdu Bello Mohammed thanked the Board for their support in administering the company. He said that the Management and staff of the company were poised to move the company forward from its current quagmire.