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Who are Meter Asset Providers (MAPs)?

These are companies licensed by the Regulator to procure and install meters for customers of electricity distribution companies.

When will JED Plc commence the MAP scheme?

It will commence soon.

Are the meters free?

In line with NERC regulations, customers are expected to pay for meters. The payment for the meter by the customer can either be upfront or in installments.

How much does a meter cost?

A single-phase meter cost N36,991.50 and a three-phase meter cost N67,055.85.

Does the meter comes with preloaded units?

Yes the meter have preloaded units. Single phase = 20 units, Three Phase=30 units, which has to be   paid for at point of meter registration.

I cannot afford to pay for the meter at once.

Customers who cannot afford to pay for their meters upfront can pay in installments. The installment payment is by regulation referred to as the Monthly Metering Service Charge (MSC) and will continue until full amortization of the meter asset cost, as agreed with the MAPs. This payment can be done through monthly vending or other payment channel.

Is the Meter Service Charge (MSC) the same as the Suspended Fixed Charge?

MSC is not the same as the suspended Fixed Charge (FC). Meter Service Charge (MSC) is the monthly repayment cost of the meter over a period of time.

Will I have to pay any additional charges for my meter requests?

No. The total amount payable is as stated for single and three phase meters respectively. However, where a customer location does not have the right service wiring, customers will be advised to purchase one. This can be obtained from any licensed electricity vendor.


How do we pay for MAP meters?

All payments for meters should be made into the authorized bank account to be advised by the MAP. No customer should pay cash for meters to any individual.

I want a meter, what do I do?

For further clarification, please send an email to or call on any of these numbers; 07069403531 or 09039393818.

What if I do not want a meter?

The Regulation stipulates that all unmetered customers MUST be metered under the MAP scheme. Customers who refuse meters will be denied service by the distribution company..

Can I get a meter directly from JED Plc outside the MAP scheme?

Meter installation are strictly through the MAP scheme.

Do I have to settle my postpaid bill before applying for a meter?

Customers are advised to settle their postpaid bill by taking advantage of the various repayment options available during the KYC process.

Outstanding balance can also be rolled over into the customer’s prepaid account and paid in installments in line with JED’s installment plans. 

I want more than one meter.

A meter is for one customer account only. However, customers with more than one postpaid account can have multiple meters.

How long will a meter installation take?

For upfront payments, MAPs are mandated to install meters within 10 working days of the payment. For payments in installments, customers will be metered in line with the MAPs installation schedule.

My meter has just been installed, what is the next step?

The meter will be processed for setup and activation within 2 days and customers will be able to vend for energy using any of the JED payment channels.

What happens if I relocate to another apartment after paying for the meters?

Where a customer metered under MAP relocates within the JED franchise area, they are expected to notify the Disco. Once notified in writing, JED will transfer the service to the new location including the credit/debit on the customer’s account. Customers are not allowed to remove their meters from their locations.

What happens if the meter installed is faulty?

Where a customer meter is faulty due to the Disco power surge, the customer MUST notify the company in writing and meter will be replaced within 3 working days. For meter that became faulty due to customer’s negligence, the customer MUST pay for another meter to be installed or get disconnected from service.

What are the benefits of MAP?
  • Elimination of estimated billing
  • Better energy management
  • Premises will be metered in less than 10 working days after payment
  • It will ensure transparency
  • It will assist the company to reduce ATC&C losses
What happens to a tenant who incurred debt in the Landlord's property but decided to apply for meter at his own acquired property?

Here, landlords are advised to ensure all tenants that are owing on any postpaid account tied to his or her property MUST settle the bill before moving out.

For further information, kindly send an email to or call on any of these numbers; 07069403531 or 09039393818.


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