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Community engagement as a full suite of communication and direct interaction with communities, has aided a smooth partnership we have enjoyed with our various publics. Through community engagement, JED PLC has built a work friendly relationship that enables its various publics contribute to decision-making processes by expressing concerns, needs, and reservations. This initiative primarily enables the company and its various publics to both understand and be responsive to community needs, views and expectations.

Through the following terms and procedures, JED PLC execute the mandate of involving its various public in community engagement;

  1. Identify TOPICS of discussion and terms of operation in accordance with the peculiarity of the community needs
  2. Creation of Community Engagement Schedule
  3. Participation in the community engagement exercise
  4. Developing a feedback mechanism that will address the concerns of the engagement.


The Corporate Communications Department is saddled with the responsibility of managing and orchestrating all internal & external communications, aimed at creating favourable point of view among stakeholders on which the company depends. Through a community centered orientation based in dialogue hence, the unit enables a more contextualized understanding of community members, perceptions of our developments and context and facilitates stronger relationships between the company and its publics. The Corporate Communications Unit engages its various public through a monthly/weekly community engagement exercise, Electronic, Print and several other mediums, where the unit is able to uncover the underlying different perceptions among external & internal stakeholders.

The sole aim of the community engagement is to build trust, credibility and integrity in the communities within our franchise states, while providing safe, reliable and cost effective strategic information/tips.


Meeting customers’ expectation with regard to convenience, relevance, and instant gratification defines the fate of our organization. Accordingly, we adopted this initiative to update our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to think beyond traditional CRM and focus on real-life customer perspectives rather than siloes systems for collections.

Communities with cogent issues can always write to us for community engagement exercises within their community, through The Head, Corporate Communications Department. NO. 9 Ahmadu Bello Way Jos or email us

Customers are always welcome!