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MAP is an approved regulation by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) that provides for the supply, installation and maintenance of end-user meters by other parties approved by the commission. The regulation is expected to fast track a closure of the metering gap, eliminate estimated billing and encourage the development of independent competitive meter services in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI).

In line with the map regulation issued by NERC, Jos Electricity Distribution PLC, was directed to commence the process of engaging Meter Asset Provider (MAP) to serve its franchise areas in accordance with an approved roll out plan.

Accordingly, JED PLC adopted Mojec International and Tripple Seventh Nigeria Limited as its joint venture preferred bidder, after a conclusion that involved a rigorous selection procedure of the MAP engagement process which was duly approved by NERC.

JED PLC was one of the first distribution companies to acquire permit from NERC for commencement of the metering scheme in Nigeria

Consequently, through the map scheme, JED PLC has planned to provide at least five hundred thousand (500,000.00) meters to be allotted to our esteemed customers over a period of 3 years.

Below is the Cost breakdown of the Meters:

1 Single phase credit meter N31,090.00
2 Single phase prepaid meter N 36,992.00
3 Three phase prepaid meter N 67,055.00

It is to be noted that there are no free meters even under the current tariff regime as all customers, including those on estimated billing, currently pay for a return on the investment we make on our network.

Under the MAP scheme, all faulty meters are expected to be replace free of charge within two working days, except in instances where it is established that the customer is responsible for the damaged meter.

Customers’ obligations include providing MAPs with access to their premises for installation of meters, paying for metering service charge (which cease upon full amortization of the meter asset); and paying for energy.

Meters of customers are associated with feeders and distribution transformers which customers are prohibited from moving.

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Dear Esteemed Customers,
Power Generation for today 18/10/2020 is 4,338.38MW and JED Plc's allocation is 234.07MW for distribution across Bauchi, Benue, Gombe and Plateau States.
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