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JED Plc is positioning itself to be Nigeria’s leading energy provider and Distribution Company. More than 300,000 customers rely on us for their Electricity – and a good number of these are business customers. We know that different businesses have different energy needs, and we’re committed to offering a wide choice of business energy deals that are tailored to your needs.
JED Plc are also here to help you save energy. We offer small businesses energy advice and energy saving tips. These can help your business save money by using your lighting, cooling, buildings and electrical equipment more efficiently. Choosing a business energy provider is a big decision – and we know it’s a decision you’ll make with careful deliberation. Cost, convenience and customer service are all important factors to consider. At JED Plc we strive to deliver on all three fronts.
  • Small Business Rating 90%
  • Large Business Rating 96%


At JED Plc, we’re committed to helping you and your organisation. We like to think of ourselves as your energy partner, not just your energy supplier. JED Plc aim to work together with our commercial energy customers to manage their energy accounts more accurately and cost effectively. With energy, it could pay to have our experience on your side. Our business managers have several years of experience in the sector. So when you pick up the phone or meet with us face-to-face, we aim to make sure you’re talking to someone that really understands commercial energy. From the moment you become a JED Plc Commercial Energy customer, we work to make the whole process as smooth as possible. That includes a system that tracks your queries, helping us to deliver the service you expect from your energy supplier.And our team will be with you throughout the relationship – working to make sure you are aware and have access to our value added product and services. We aim to provide a dedicated support for our largest customers – including areas such as billing and control for your JED Plc account. This helps us to work in close partnership with your business, to maintain a site portfolio which is as accurate as possible.



JED Plc is striving to be at the forefront of the new connections industry supplying developers the length and breadth of our distribution zone ranging in size from national house builders to one-off self-build plots. Our experienced business management team will work closely with your engineering and site staff to deliver a service that is built around the adoption of best practice in the end-to-end new connections process, from initial site planning to legal completion. In what can be a complex process, we are continually looking to improve processes and aim to ensure that day-to-day operational procedures are straightforward, robust and transparent. It is also expected that we will continue to see substantial industry changes over the coming years with the onset of NERC legislation as we enter the Transitional Electricity Market; energy related planning requirements and the impending introduction of smart metering. That’s why it is important that you have an energy partner such as JED Plc which can use its cross business experience to try and help you through these challenges.


  • Property Rating 92%
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